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[52] DOS RIOS (IX): michele Connelly

In winter, everything's yellow
but the willows. The grass goes
gold and the weeds brittle into
smooth yellow stalks; even the river
seems golden. It's murky, in a golden
sort of way that's almost clear,
almost not. Sunlight filters through,
there's a gold rope net rippling in shadow
along the bottom
Before, when all I could think of
was how poor I was, poverty in currency,
friends, my poor family, my poorer self
I was busy with the worries of the world.
The river doesn't know them;
that's why I come here.
She treats them like a stranger,
the new person in town with slick talk,
a long handshake and the twitch of a smile
that makes you want to keep moving.
The river is golden. There's always water;
it's long gone and here again, moving
all the while. In a little while
the sun will drop and light
will stream through the trees
across the river, which aren't golden either
but don't know it yet.

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